Who is The Best Urologist in Delhi NCR?

Urologists deal with various problems related to the urinary system. A urologist may perform necessary tests to check the functioning of the different parts of the excretory system.  Urologists treat urinary issues in men and women. Some males may also visit a urologist because of some problems related to fertility. They also treat severe cases like cancer-related to the prostate, kidneys, testicles, and other parts of the urinary tract. If you are suffering from any problem related to your urinary system or face any symptoms related to kidney stones, visit a renowned urologist. How To Choose a Good Urologist? 1) Take references from your physician and close ones. If you want to consult a urologist, ask for referrals from your physician.  Also, ask your friends and relatives for suggestions. Choose a urologist you feel to be the best option from the list of names you have received. 2) Urologists should have clean records. Check the doctor's records. Verify from reliable sources if

Kidney Transplant in Dwarka

  Kidney or renal transplant is considered to be the best for a person with long-term kidney failure or end-stage renal disease. It is a surgery done on a person whose kidney is mal functioning. When the kidney loses 90% of its filtering ability, the body gets filled with toxic levels of fluids and waste. This poses serious threat to a  person’s life. In such a time, a healthy kidney is taken from a living or deceased body, and transplanted into the patient. Although it is a complex process, Kidney Transplant in Dwarka assures you of less risks, and patients doing well post-surgery. The doctors treat you according to what serves you the best. Some of the advantages it guarantees are as follows: ·          Majority of the patients live longer. ·          It is better to live freely than staying on dialysis. ·          The patients can enjoy a much better condition and quality of life. ·          It is easier to travel and work. ·          You can get higher energy levels t

Who is The Best Urologist in Delhi?

  Bladder cancer is a big cancer disease that affects your urinary bladder. The most common reason for the disease of bladder cancer is the consumption of tobacco or smoking. In most cases, the disease of bladder cancer affects the moist lining of the bladder, which is usually called non-muscle bladder cancer. Most bladder cancer remains in the bladder only, not spread in the body. But it is a chance to reoccur frequently after the treatment. Whereas the other kind of bladder cancer, known as muscle-invasive bladder cancer, spreads rapidly in the body. It often causes blood in urine and burning in urine.  What is the meaning of muscle-invasive cancer or non-muscle invasive cancer? For bladder cancer disease, it is required to take the treatment by the Best Urologist in Delhi . It is necessary to do a urine test, ultrasound for the bladder, and CT scan for the abdomen. This kind of test often inspects the entire bladder and detects bladder cancer. These tests diagnose the bladder ca